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Old Guard Audio was HACKED

Dec 23, 2015

Old Guard Audio was HACKED


Yes, friend, my site was hacked, good thing I had already decided to begin a shutdown of the podcast. After nearly 400 podcasts, I decided to phase out the show, due to a lack of financing.


The site was down several days, as I tried to find the time to heal it myself. I know they are many that will un-hack your site, but again without funding, I had to plunder through it myself. And I did, but I was not able to gather all the post back, I had over 2k post, with 400 podcasts, and now I only have over 130 of the Podcast back.

But all the podcast are available at the hosting site, Direct link to podcast player page. , or at the RSS feed, –> Podcast RSS Feed. I will leave the existing audio recordings up a while longer. And maybe add a new podcast occasionally.

All the best! And wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

John Hames