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Dec 7, 2015


Greetings friend,


John Hames the Host of Old Guard Audio
John Hames the Host of Old Guard Audio

This is your host, John Hames.


I wanted to bring you an update for the show and let you know that the show will likely be winding down. Yes, I am sad to report that the podcast and the website have not generated enough income to offset the cost of the equipment, production, file storage, and web hosting.  


While I am proud of the listener statistics, the listeners have not used the provided links, nor contributed to the financial support of the show, certainly not in the amounts I envisioned, nor in the amounts necessary to even come close to paying the cost of creating the content. My initial desire was to run the OGA show through this presidential election and then begin a phase out if the show was not paying for itself.


However, I have decided that using my personal funds, is becoming a detriment to my household and I simply need to let the show go. This presidential election is vital to our conservative principles. In my 50+ years, I have not seen an election that was more important than the one we are in the midst of at the moment. Barack Hussein Obama has nearly destroyed this country and will continue to until he is out of office, and even once out of office he will continue to look for ways to destroy The United States of America, all 57 states as he puts it.  


Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, he has slipped many times while speaking off the teleprompter, and the audio recordings are plentiful to prove it. His actions, and especially his inactions, are there to prove it as well. Muslims don't kill Muslims. Muslims have one goal and only one goal, and that is to make Islam the only religion on the face of the earth. A Muslim will do whatever it takes to bring that ideal to an end. If that means killing infidels, then so be it.


Barack Hussein Obama is using his position, his influence, and our government to do as much damage to our country as he possibly can, without being forced out by an impeachment or a quiet coup. I was sure that like-minded individuals would have such a strong desire to push the conservative message that I would not have to be concerned with income from the show, keeping it going.


The show was being listened to in 95 countries. The highest percentage of listeners in the US is California. We have always heard that California was extremely liberal even referred to as the left coast, but more Californians are listening than any other state. Given there is a couple hundred thousand podcast available, I am hopeful one will surface that my regular listeners will find a good replacement. I will be pondering a shutdown process; it could be that I will stop new broadcast and web page postings, or possibly on push up a new episode once a week, but that will depend on the dollar amount that keeping even a scaled back show on the air.


Since August 2014, I have published over 375 audio recordings, and over 2,500 posts to Old Guard it has been a great ride, and I thank you very much.


This is John Hames, may God Bless you, and I pray that God continues to Bless the USA!